South Central is producing an Area-Wide Intensive Primary Integration Training (PIT) at Land of My Grandfathers on March 6-8, 2020. An “Intensive” training is completed in one weekend instead of eight or ten shorter weekly sessions locally. This training is “Area-Wide,” meaning men from across the entire South Central Area are invited to attend — and you’ll be back at the location of your initiation.

The PIT helps further integrate the learning from the NWTA into a man’s daily life, as well as teaching men the skills to be productive, contributing members of their local MKP community, including Integration-Groups, or I-Groups. Some things you will learn:

  • Opening Space
  • Checking-in
  • Warrior Communication
  • Deeper Listening
  • Accountability
  • Clearings
  • Facilitation skills

The total cost for this training is $25, which covers food and lodging. (The $100 fee for this training has already been covered in your NWTA tuition.) To register for the event please complete this Google Form …